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Our Founder & Co-CEO Story

The idea of Think Talent was born between two Mums over a glass of wine. After successful careers and like many working parents, we were struggling finding the balance between work and family. We had a vision to create and grow a business that was outcomes focused and measured success on performance. 

What has transpired over the last four years has been a journey of incredible success and growth. It hasn’t always been easy and we have learnt as much from our setbacks as we have from our successes. Key to our success is always staying true to our values and putting people and entrepreneurialism at the centre of all we do.

We realised early days that our experience gained in agency, start-up and in-house environments like Origin Energy and Cricket Australia was invaluable to our clients and candidates. We understood their pain points and knew how to work with them to get outcomes.

We often found ourselves consulting to clients about role architecture and structure and how to attract the top 10% of talent. Through these discussions we identified a connection between employee value propositions, talent attraction and employee experience . We saw this gap as an opportunity and created a unique offering which utilises the latest technology to market employer brand through the recruitment process to future proof growth. 

Our operating structure and culture allows us to work in agile manner and respond quickly to market feedback. We listen to our customers and adapt and change our business to remain on trend and relevant. We are idea machines and encourage our staff to be too – we like to continue to disrupt the conversation around talent.


Talent Futurists

We have an eye on the talent of today and tomorrow; our mission is to understand future workforce trends and ensure innovative talent acquisition, employment brand marketing and uplift programs that future-proof growth. Our goal is to keep pace and explore talent dynamics to better understand talent management shifts, work structure changes, disruption and commercial opportunities.

Think Talent applies modern work approaches taken from Agile and Design Thinking methodologies and we operate in a collaborative office environment which promotes interaction with other established, growing and start-up businesses. Together we explore new ways of working, technologies and global trends to ensure we are ahead of the curve and remaining curious about the future. 

People and entrepreneurs at heart

We believe that every person has a unique talent profile and that a workforce is healthy and engaged when a diverse mix of talents are represented, valued and utilised. We also recognise that employee engagement, diversity and the well-being of a workforce all impact organisational productivity and performance. 

It is essential that our people and network have a voice and feel respected. This often comes down to basics like returning calls, providing feedback, taking the time to provide some career advice or just delivering on commitments.

Entrepreneurs at heart, we believe that success breeds success. We go the extra mile to think outside the box to create opportunities and solutions that add value to our network. We also encourage each other to be creative, look for growth prospects and put forward new ideas that bring our performance to the next level. 

That is the Think Talent way. 

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