Top Talent Engagement

Think Talent is a marketing-led, diversity-committed and award-winning recruitment agency. 

We have an eye on the talent of today and tomorrow. Our mission is to understand future workforce trends and ensure innovative talent acquisition and employment brand marketing that will future-proof growth.

We are in the market every day, engaging the top permanent and interim talent that will gain you the edge. 


Behaviour Led - New World Talent Assessment 

The future of work is human and high performance organisations are obsessed with the journey of the consumer, employee and community citizen.  

Think Talent assesses behaviours and expertise that help people thrive in the future of work. Our research shows that growth mindset, empathy and individual accountability linked to organisational purpose are proven to foster inclusion, innovation, performance, change resilience and talent engagement. 


Essential Expertise - Digital Literacy 

It is important to identify the functional knowledge required to succeed in any role, for recruitment or strategic development purposes. Digital literacy is critical to all roles moving forward and should be considered when building capability. In our view, digital literacy = digital tool knowledge + critical thinking + social engagement.


Talent Attraction - Brand Boost & EVP Insights 

Think Talent uses the recruitment process to share your unique employment value proposition (EVP) with top talent. We produce innovative video-led digital marketing campaigns that speak to targeted demographics globally. 

Our campaigns produce analytics and insights on brand, EVP perception, demographics and supply/demand trends. Think Talent provides a campaign report that shares real-time insights that you can use to develop EVP and talent engagement strategies.

Future-fit Interim & Permanent Solutions


Executive & Strategy

- Executive appointments 

- Divisional leaders 

- Innovation and transformation 

- Corporate strategy

- Diversity role structuring

- Future-fit org design 

Customer & Comms

- Customer Strategy & CX

- Marketing Leaders & SMEs

- Digital Marketing & E-commerce

- Corporate Affairs

- Service & product design

- MarTech 

People & Culture

-  People & EX Strategy

- HR Leadership

- Business Partnering

- OD & Leadership Development

- Culture & Employee Experience

- HR Transformation

Digital & Tech

- Tech Strategy & Architecture  

- Project & Change Resources

- Business Intelligence & Data

- Infrastructure & Dev Ops

- Product Development & Management

- Software Development