Be the Manager you always wanted to work for

This week I posted a comment “be the manager you always wanted to work for” and it got me thinking about all my previous managers and managers my friends have discussed, normally over a much needed glass of wine!


I think it goes without saying that we complain about the bad managers extensively more than praising the good ones, and possibly with a few expletives! And why is this?


In my opinion, the manager experience shapes our future. The average person spends 5 days a week with their manager, therefore if you are unhappy at work, you are pretty much unhappy all the time. And no one wants to be that miserable.


Personally, I have been fortunate. My great managers have outweighed the bad.  I would love to share the things that made a difference to me:

. They wanted to share their knowledge and develop me.

Support. If I was having a bad day they knew how to lift me up and get me back on track.

Trust. They believed in my skill, and they trusted me to complete the task.

. No matter how small, they ensured other peers and management knew what a great job you and the team had achieved.

. They knew how to listen, and they also took the time to provide constructive feedback.

. They valued everyone’s input and contribution to the business or project.

I know myself, by having managers that display the above traits, I have developed the confidence to actively participate in and lead projects, voice my opinion, have more autonomy in my day and unleash my creativity. By having a manager believe in my ability and allowing me the time to share my thoughts (even if they are pipe dreams) I have grown in my career and strived for roles that have “management” in the title.

If you could pick one trait that you admire, and you would want to be known for, what would it be?


Nikki Zarra
Brand & Operations Manager