Face to face feedback. Yay or nay?

My approach with candidates has always been to take them through an interview, then give them feedback and development points directly after that process regardless of whether or not I am putting them forward.   I have always managed the feedback with my candidates how I myself like to receive feedback.  Relevant and most importantly timely.

Satisfaction in my job not only comes from successfully placing them in a new role, but knowing that I have helped them to understand their value proposition, and present it clearly and concisely in interview.

This can be advice and guidance around behavioural based questions and answers, interview style, resume format, and tips around understanding and presenting their value proposition.  I know a lot of recruiters prefer to do this at a later date or even not at all if they are not putting them forward, but I like to do it when I am face to face with a candidate.

This method works really well for me as it helps me to build an immediate rapport with the candidate.  I often receive feedback about how the interview process has been really helpful and informative, and how thankful they were of me putting in the time and effort.

Things I always remember when taking this approach is to make sure my feedback stays constructive and as positive as possible.  Also making sure my delivery is genuine and that I give time for questions and answers afterwards.   It can be quite confronting getting feedback as soon as they have interviewed, so I always explain why I am giving them the feedback, and how it will improve their delivery and value proposition in an interview scenario. 

I gage how receptive the candidate is, and if they are not ready to listen then I leave it for a later date.  Pretty much 99.9 percent of the time candidates are really grateful for my help and guidance.  They remember my time and effort and when someone asks them about recruitment, they happily refer others which also helps build my brand. 

So I pose the question to you.  Taking the time to give feedback to a candidate, even though they may not be going forward to your client or even for another role with you.  Yay or nay?


Luana Riki

Talent Acquisition Partner