Feeling Overwhelmed? Here Are Some Fun Tips To Help You De-Stress!

We can all relate to the that feeling of being stressed out and overwhelmed. Problems at work, in relationships and financial struggles can be a heavy weight to carry. Studies have shown that high levels of stress can be linked to anxiety, depression and can even have negative effects on your physical health.

Lucky for us, stress is manageable! There are many outlets that can be useful when you’re feeling like things are becoming just a bit too much and it's becoming difficult to cope.

Here is a list that I have put together with some tips and tools that have helped me to de-stress and unwind during difficult times.


Listen to music- put on your favourite song and don’t be afraid to sing along…loudly! Whitney Houston is always a good choice.

Put on a good movie- a laugh until it hurts comedy

Dinner with friends- call up your friends and go to your favourite restaurant. Tell funny stories over a glass of vino.

Laugh- call or text someone that makes you laugh. Nothing beats witty banter.

Go for a walk or run- clear your head with some fresh air.

Yoga- great for the mind, body and spirit.

Cook- you don’t have to be the best cook, I have a hard time boiling water but cooking can be very therapeutic and rewarding.

Let your emotions out- release the flood gates and let those tear drops fall! I always feel better after a good cry session.

Meditate- take a few minutes alone in a quiet room to relax and breathe.

Write a list of gratitude- this is a great way to lose focus on some of the negative in your life while simultaneously making you feel more connected to others and lifting your mood.


There are so many ways we can pull ourselves out of a stressful state if we just take a moment to get creative. 


Michelle Mason

Think Talent