How tt. is fighting their environmental footprint

It’s that time of year again where we all go crazy. 


Every day, a new story comes out talking about something Christmas-related: whether it’s tips on how to save money or give the perfect gift, it’s usually about consumption -- and it’s making us here at Think Talent think. 


According to a recent ING bank survey of more than 1000 people, Australians spend $8.7 billion on gifts and $512 million on gift wrapping each year for Christmas. 


More than half (54 per cent) admit to feeling disappointed with receiving a gift they won’t use, and three quarters admit they usually don’t use at least one gift they receive! 


The corporate world in particular can be oblivious to the footprint it’s leaving: according to a 2018 YouGov Omnibus report, only 41 per cent of business owners and those in senior management believe that businesses have a responsibility to prevent environmental damage. 


This is in stark contrast to everyday Australians, of whom a whopping 87 per cent believe that businesses should do social good, while 58 per cent believe that businesses have a responsibility to ensure their supply chain does not harm the environment. 


However, while this may be the case, it seems that considerations for the environment either take a back seat or go totally out the window when Christmas comes along. 


So, we’ve been thinking: during this time of giving, how do you show love (for family and friends) and appreciation (for bosses, employers, colleagues, clients and candidates) in a way that won’t stuff up the environment?  


At Think Talent, we believe that reducing our carbon and environmental footprint should be crucial to any organisation.


We have already allocated a fair bit of resources towards establishing a strong environmental policy, which we've named ThinkGreen. This is designed to reduce our company and network footprint, and as part of that, we have already implemented a toolkit (see our environmental champion Chloe Sharpin share her green tips here).


So, we've decided that this year, we were also going to have a green Christmas. Instead of the usual presents we wanted to treat our staff and valued clients and candidates to a Think Talent Keep Cup and a reusable tote bag, gifts that (we hope!) will get some repeated use. 


2018 has been both great and challenging for us, and it’s our staff, clients and candidates who certainly made it all worth it.  


Happy Christmas everyone -- and don’t forget to reduce, reuse, recycle!