Thoughts on Humanisation of the Workplace

After meeting many coaches, speakers and fascinating businesses in Australia in the last couple of months, I confirmed that you attract people and opportunities that are directly aligned with your purpose and the types of conversations you are putting out there.

Do you remember when you were unhappy with your life and went into a pessimistic phase, complaining about everything and everyone? You might also remember that clients and opportunities were scarce and you were connecting with people who were also struggling or not quite ready to engage with you? We all have these moments, but I will tell you what: the more you practice positivity, the more positivity you will attract.

This is how I feel now. Yes, I am using the verb FEEL in a professional article because I am a human being. I am meeting incredibly talented individuals who make a difference in this world. All they care about is IMPACT. Yes, we might be creating similar service offerings, but they tell me that they want to be of service. Wow! As soon as I hear this, I think:are you reading my mind? This makes me feel truly connected to my purpose which is also to be of service. Meaningful coincidence?

When I meet with businesses creating products or services for the sake of numbers, without a purpose or a desire to solve their clients’ problems, I walk away if they are not open to change. Politely, of course. The notion of purpose-driven organisations is not new and will be the foundation of most business conversations from now on.

For the sceptical out there, I hear you. I am not saying that all you’ve got to do is spread positivity to create awesomeness in your life. Effort is bloody important, but effort without positivity and clarity about what you want to do most likely will drive you mad…and sick! As Thomas Edison once said: genius is about 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. Imagine an organisation without a clear vision, asking its employees to work hard. I am afraid motivation and engagement will drop. Now think of a business with a clear purpose, and a positive and humanised approach to business: their clients will love them, and so will you as their employee!

This is my simple equation for businesses (and a topic for another post…!)

1-    PURPOSE + HUMANISATION = AWESOMENESS (happy employees!)

2-    AWESOMENESS + EFFORT² = PROMOTERS (happy clients!)

…Or for the jargon freaks out there: ↑EVP = ↑CVP

It’s not easy to accomplish the above, especially when you are part of an organisation that is stuck in the past or not clear about their purpose. My advice for you is: focus on you first. Find and connect to your purpose, listen to your clients’ voice and spread awesomeness. Then you are most likely to attract the reality you desire and like-minded people (to keep your inspiration going!). Maybe you will manifest a better job, an opportunity to transition into a different career/retirement or a way to influence and create awesomeness internally?

If you feel like having a chat over tea or coffee to brainstorm ideas on how to make awesomeness happen, feel free to reach out. I love coffee, tea and talking about purpose-driven humans and businesses.


Beatriz Affonso

Program Lead