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Think Talent is a hive of positive energy that promotes an entrepreneurial culture of accountability, collaboration and iterative learning which ensures we go the extra mile to enable your growth. Our business isn't for everyone, it suits agile high-performers who can apply broad experience gained across consulting, in-house, start-up and enterprise environments. 

We believe that every person has a unique talent profile and that a workforce is healthy and engaged when a diverse mix of talents are represented, valued and utilised. We also recognise that employee engagement, diversity and the well-being of a workforce all impact organisational productivity and performance. 

It is essential that our people and network have a voice and feel respected. This often comes down to basics like returning calls, providing feedback, taking the time to provide some career advice or just delivering on commitments.

Entrepreneurs at heart, we believe that success breeds success. We go the extra mile to think outside the box to create opportunities and solutions that add value to our network. We also encourage each other to be creative, look for growth prospects and put forward new ideas that bring our performance to the next level. 

That is the Think Talent way. 

Ainsley Johnstone

Co-CEO | Director - Executive & Strategy | 0408 391 648

One half of a dynamic duo, I started Think Talent with my co-founder and co-CEO Natalie Firth, to realise our career and family aspirations without sacrifice. I am a champion of outcome-focused and inclusive cultures that foster high-performance and allow people autonomy to create their work/life nirvana.

My Value Proposition

With experience gained across agencies and in-house at Origin Energy across major change programs, I have developed a passion for people led business strategy and talent innovation. An entrepreneur and marketer at heart, I enjoy working with progressive organisations to engage top talent and build employment brand equity that will enable their growth and vision.

Areas of focus include:

- Executive & Strategy Appointments
- Think Talent Business Development & Innovation
- Talent Intelligence & Reporting
- Employment Brand Marketing Strategy
- Diversity Recruitment Advisory
- Future-fit Team Design

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Natalie Firth

Co-CEO | Director - Customer & Communications | 0413 231 661

I started the Think Talent, with Ainsley Johnstone to disrupt the industry’s endemic bro culture.  A passionate advocate for female leadership, flexibility in the workplace and also the broader cultural influences that shape gender roles, my goal is to contribute to a world where women -- and men -- no longer have to choose between family and a career.

My Value Proposition

I present with talent acquisition and engagement leadership experience gained across agency, enterprise, sporting and start-up environments. I am passionate about helping businesses secure top talent to help them on their growth journey.

I am also an entrepreneur at heart and always look for opportunities to use the talent engagement process to build brand and EVP equity. I strongly believe that every person deserves respect and care, two traits that are ironically sometimes lost in our industry.

Areas of focus include:

- Executive level Corporate Affairs appointments
- Diversity and female leadership engagement advisory
- Organisation structure strategy
- Future talent engagement strategy
- Targeted digital campaign management and EVP marketing

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Michelle Mason

Senior Talent Partner | Customer | 0423 238 519

Originally from Canada, I have been living in Melbourne for more than three years now and am part of the Customer and Communications portfolio here at Think Talent.

With a background in Sales and Marketing, I have had the privilege of working with some of Canada’s biggest brands, including the National Hockey League.

My Value Proposition

I pride myself on having a strong customer focus approach and the ability to adeptly identify with the needs of both my clients and candidates to ensure the best outcome.

My Areas of Focus

- Customer Strategy & CX
- Marketing
- Sales
- Events

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Alice King

Talent Partner | Design & Digital Marketing | 0499 021 148

I’m Alice, a recruitment professional with 8 years agency experience across a variety of disciplines, sectors and industries.

My Value Proposition

I believe that collaboration, transparency, respect and trust are the key ingredients to success and I pride myself in my customer centric approach ensuring my clients and candidates have a positive journey and experience with me.

I’m a people person and have a passion for building strong, long-lasting relationships. I take the time to understand the needs of my clients and candidates, so I can best support them and deliver the best solution.

Areas of focus:

- Service Design, CX & UX/UI Design
- Customer Experience Management
- Product Management & Design
- Digital Marketing, SEO & SEM
- Digital & Content Production
- CRM and Direct Marketing

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Chloe Sharpin

Talent Partner | People & Communications | 0408 276 170

I work within the People, Culture & Communications portfolio. Originally hailing from the UK, I love to focus on finding my network opportunities within forward-thinking, evolving businesses.

My Value Proposition

After several years in recruitment and with more than 2 years in Melbourne specifically, I am able to understand the complexities of these sectors to ensure that the talent is in line with organisational and project visions and objectives.

Areas of focus include:

- Talent Acquisition
- Employee & Industrial Relations
- Organisational Development/Leadership & Culture
- Diversity & Inclusion
- Safety & Wellbeing/HSE
- Remuneration & Benefits
- Corporate Communications
- Customer Experience
- Corporate Affairs

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Lance Gentle-King

Senior Talent Partner | Digital & Tech | 0408 136 438

I’m Lance, not just a recruitment specialist but also a consultant with over 10 years’ experience across recruitment and sales. I moved to Melbourne in 2013 from the UK and recently joined Think Talent to help grow their digital & technology portfolio.

My Value Proposition

I’m a big believer in communication, honesty and transparency. These are 3 key factors that go a long way towards achieving long-last working relationships. I see myself as someone that is personable and can relate to peoples needs which in turn allows me to help provide solutions.

Having worked in Melbourne for the past 5 years with some of the biggest organisations and SME’s I believe I can add value via my extensive market knowledge and vast network.

My Areas of Focus

- Software Development
- Project Management
- Business Analysts
- Security
- Executive Level

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Shanelle Moloney

Talent Partner | Digital & Tech | 0407 848 156

I'm Shanelle, a recruitment professional with over 8 years agency experience across a variety of disciplines, sectors and industries. I am part of the Digital and Tech team here at Think Talent.

My Value Proposition

I love working with candidates to ensure they are reaching their career goals and enjoy the challenge of working complex roles.

I really love growing teams within a business and enjoy learning about new technologies, watching products grow and hearing about what companies are doing to stay ahead of the game.

Areas of focus include:

- Architecture & Design
- Programming
- Testing
- Web Development
- Firmware
- Embedded Software Development
- Cross-platform SW Application Development
- IoT- Internet of things

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Amy Murphy

Operations & Marketing Specialist | 0437 722 687

I am an ambitious and outgoing Team & Marketing Coordinator, who is always ready to assist the Think Talent team by providing seamless support across marketing, event management and administration.

My Value Proposition:

Originally from Ireland, I have gained more than five years’ experience within the Professional Services, IT and Recruitment industries.

I’m a born organiser who enjoys building strong stakeholder relationships. I’m committed to continuous improvement initiatives to ensure organisational efficiency and effectiveness.

Areas of focus:

- Marketing
- Operations
- Social Media
- Campaigns
- Event management
- Administration

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Lea Russell

Executive Assistant | 0415 441 179

My role at Think Talent is to support the Co-CEO’s, ensuring they have everything they need to get out there and change the world.

I come bringing 20 years’ experience across ticketing, events and elite sport. My roles have been with high profile organisations such as Ticketek, Cricket Australia, Rugby World Cup, Melbourne Cricket Club and the Australian Football League, and after all that, there isn’t much I can’t organise!
My Value Proposition

I’m a chaos taming, roll my sleeves up kind of woman who loves to jump in the deep end. I enjoy creating an environment of support with a splash of fun, and taking the stress out of other people’s day. I do this by being a fast-acting and motivated assistant who cares about the big picture and what’s going on for my team.  
My Areas of Focus
- Our CEO’s

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Karen McGonagle

Financial Controller | 03 9070 0703

My Value Proposition

Founder of Silk Business Advisory, I focus on financial management that enables businesses to grow.

Areas of focus include:

- Management and year-end accounting
- Tax advisory
- Business advisory

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