Stand out from the crowd

We know the rise of the digital economy, technology and specialisation is expecting people to work faster, smarter and in a more flexible way to keep pace.  The emerging career and education profile is vastly different to previous generations and the future of work continues to rapidly evolve.

Talent Attraction - Brand Boost & EVP Insights 

Think Talent uses the recruitment process to share unique employment value proposition (EVP) with top talent. Combining traditional recruitment approaches with innovative video and digital marketing, Think Talent creates integrated campaigns that speak to targeted demographics globally.

Our campaigns produce analytics and insights on brand, EVP perception, demographics and supply/demand trends. This vital, real-time information can be used to develop compelling EVP and talent engagement strategies that will gain you the edge.

New-world assessment that will gain you the edge. 

Think Talent utilises a variety of tools to assess behaviours and expertise that help people thrive in the future of work. This allows organisations to actively shift culture towards the new world of work and make informed decisions on hiring where talent pools are shallow or emerging.

Through online assessment and competency-based interviewing, Think Talent assesses behaviours such as growth-mindset, empathy and learning agility to enhance performance and minimise conscious/unconscious bias. Use these assessment to generate talent insights on: 

- Talent selection fit for future  

- Diverse team building that fosters inclusive environments where empathy thrives 

- On-boarding acceleration 

- Leadership capability and style 

- Management approaches that will get the best out of diverse personalities 

- How quickly candidates will learn new skills and their potential to develop into new areas

- Who has the potential to drive and manage change

- Development and training needs