3 self-care practices to help you keep your mental wellbeing on track

Happy Mental Health Awareness Week! 


Having emigrated to Australia three years ago leaving my family support network thousands of miles away, as well as being in a role where the outcomes and successes can sometimes simply be out of my control, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on how I can take better care of myself.


It’s not all Epsom Floatation Tanks, Indian Head Massages and Yin Yoga (although they certainly do help!) Self-care can be as simple as this: 


Letting go of expectations you hold for yourself

There’s a feeling of disappointment when our reality doesn’t match our expectations, so it’s about being conscious of the goals you set for yourself to ensure they’re realistic and within your control. 


Practicing gratitude

When you feel the pressure starting to build or when something hasn’t quite gone your way - stop, breathe; take some time out to focus and remind yourself of the things that you feel grateful for. Turning a negative mindset into a positive one isn’t easy, but it is a powerful tool to master to help you bounce back into a happy and productive place.


Saying no

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed if you’ve overcommitted to your work or social life, and if you’re like me and hate to let people down, this might take a bit of work. However, saying no to that dinner or event could be all you need to free up the time and energy you need to reset and get back on track. 




Chloe Sharpin

Talent Partner | People & Communications