A cooking experience like no other...

Tucked away in a busy street in Northcote is a cooking experience like no other.


On October 11th, the tt. team headed out of the city to enjoy an event that thrives on curiosity and collaboration. We arrived at Free to Feed and instantly felt welcomed and excited for what was ahead.


Shahnaz, our culinary master, led the charge and had us all chopping, grating and frying like pros in no time! From start to finish, the day was filled with laughs, chat and delicious Persian delights.


Besides the amazing feast we were lucky to indulge on, this was a truly moving and eye-opening experience. We were honoured to hear first-hand the heart-wrenching stories some Refugees coming to Australia are forced to endure. 


But how can we as an individual, business or community, help make the transition just that little bit easier?


By participating in events like Free to Feed, we stand together to highlight the potential and spirit of refugees, people seeking asylum and new migrants. Ultimately, we can break the stifling isolation felt by new migrants and encourage an inclusive and accepting community.


To help make a difference, check out the website for more details on how you can get involved in one of these amazing events: http://www.freetofeed.org.au


Amy Murphy

Operations & Marketing Specialist