From Parental Leave to Entrepreneur, Think Talent Turns 2!

Mum and Baby3

After starting a family, returning from parental leave can be a daunting experience. Supportive work environments fostering career growth with flexible, outcome-focused performance models are rare. Unfortunately, talented women often feel pressured to step down or leave the workforce. Worse still, women feel guilty or inferior as a mother, wife or professional.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could achieve our Nirvana regardless of the stage of life? If we could be supported in reaching our career aspirations and not feel forced to compromise family priorities?

I am sure most men and women have contemplated this dream of having it all.  Life is short, why spend the best years of your career and as a parent unsatisfied? 

Ainsley Johnstone and Natalie Firth, Directors & Co-Founders of Think Talent, decided they would not compromise. They have created a company designed to capitalise on their shared passion and individual talents yet still allow themselves flexibility when required. Their hope is to impact and support the gender equality movement.  

Think Talents’ second birthday marked many milestones; 100% revenue growth, a new office, new team members, the births of two babies and several unscheduled daycare pickups due to germ incubating, but lovable children. 

Managing a business in the first two years is not for the faint hearted. Managing stress due to rapid, sustained growth and being present for your family is challenging. Working in an inflexible environment whilst remaining present for your family is far more challenging and sadly is a reality for many parents in today’s workforce.  

Think Talent’s success is the result of focusing on the outcome, not a regimented process. Proving with courage and authenticity, Nirvana is not a pipe-dream, it's a possibility.

Contact the Think Talent team if you need help finding your Nirvana!