Is this simple mistake costing you talent?

Hiring Managers, is this simple mistake costing you great talent? 

If it’s been more than 6-months since you revisited your employee value proposition (and how you frame your job advertisements), you are probably missing out on great talent.

While salary and security are threshold requirements, candidates are telling our team that their job seeking priorities have changed. 

Getting noticed is the first-step to recruiting top talent in this tight market and candidates are telling us they value job advertisements that provide meaningful information about:  

  • Plans for remote and flexible working opportunities beyond the pandemic   

  • Onboarding plans and remote access to systems

  • Employee benefits and perks offered over and above standard annual leave + super

  • How the role has the potential to impact people, systems and overall business success 

  • How the team works together – particularly in a hybrid environment, provide details about online and in-person collaboration 

  • What is the role expected to deliver in the next 6 months, year and beyond

  • Development opportunities 

  • Clear scope and direction – particularly project roles, confirm where the business has already signed-off so there is assurance the project won’t be shelved in a few months        

By reimagining how you promote your employee experience, you stand a much better chance of attracting and engaging the brightest talent.

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