R U OK Day - I'm fine.

Think back over the past few days, weeks and months, how many times have you or someone you know uttered the words “I’m fine”? If we really think about it, probably more than we can count. 


But how many times did we actually mean it?


Unfortunately, these two unassuming words can signify the end for some. When things just don’t seem to be going your way, it’s easier to mutter I’m fine through clenched teeth and quickly change the subject, because the reality of causing a scene or facing the deafening whispers behind your back, is just too much to bear for some.


Today is R U OK? day, a national day where friends, families and communities come together to understand the importance of suicide prevention, the importance of noticing small discrepancies in everyday life, and the importance of asking Are You OK?


Right now, a startlingly 63% of Australians are not confident in recognising the signs that someone might be struggling with life. Think about that.


Think about how many lives could potentially have been saved if we as a nation were more educated on how to help.


These signs won’t always be obvious, and a lot of the time will present themselves as small inconsistencies in a person’s demeanour. But it’s our responsibility to combat this wild statistic – if not us, then who?


In our chaotic digital world we need to remember to take a step outside of our own bubble and be mindful of what is happening around us. The next time you catch up with a friend or pass a co-worker in the corridor – stop, take an extra 10 seconds and ask how are you, really? It’s a simple, although tough question to ask, but as trivial as it may seem, it could help save someone’s life.


Trust the signs, trust your gut and ask R U OK?


Amy Murphy

Operations & Marketing Specialist