tt.'s Top Tips to #ReducePlasticPollution

Due to our current work with South East Water, we've all be inspired to think about how we can manage our water usage and quality here at Think Talent HQ!

With yesterday marking World Environment Day and the theme being #ReducePlasticPollution, we've put together some simple but very effective tips to reduce your plastic footprint!


1. Resuable Coffee Cups

Drinking just 2 takeaway coffees a day can contribute to 480 single use coffee cups winding up in a landfill - for life! With brands like Frank Green and KeepCup, you can heavily reduce your impact on the environment and might even find yourself saving some coin, with many local coffee shops offering $ off when using a reusable cup! 


2. Meal prepping

By meal prepping your lunch in reusables, you'll reduce the amount of single-use food packaging used by take-out food establishments. Goodbye to those pesky plastic soy sauce fish and polystyrene packages!



3. Say NO to the straw

Although straws are often novelty more than anything, they do serve a purpose to some. So why not get hold of a reusable straw? You can get them in stainless steel, bamboo and even collapsible ones to attach to your keys.



4. Eco food wraps

I haven't bought plastic cling wrap in over a year thanks to Eco Wraps! They are anti-bacterial, malleable and most importantly - reusable! (just wipe clean with a damp cloth) Not to mention they make your fridge look super cool! And for all the avo-obsessed millennials out there, I find they extend the life of my avocado - win win!



5. Carry a spare bag inside you bag!

If you carry a spare bag or two on you, you'll start to see how easy it is to refuse the single use plastic carrier bags that are soon to be BANNED from our leading supermarkets! For the big food shop, I have no shame in the wheeled trolley!



Happy Environment Day!


Chloe Sharpin

Talent Acquisition Partner