I was talking to my closest girlfriend recently about a perfect job I saw and thought she should apply for. I was struck by how she immediately begain talking to me about why she wasn't qualified enough to do the role. Her mind went straight to the few things on the 'required experience' list that she hadn't done, rather than the 10 things she had!

So, why don't women apply for roles unless they meet all the criteria?

New research has shown that when going through a hiring process, women feel that required qualifications are …well, required qualifications! As this article in the Harvard Business Review states:

"They (women) don't see the hiring process as one where advocacy, relationships, or a creative approach to framing one’s expertise could overcome not having the skills and experiences outlined in the job qualifications. What holds them back from applying is a mistaken perception about the hiring process".

This is a good article on how women need to back themselves when applying for new opportunities!

        - Natalie