Valuing people and entrepreneurial spirit, Think Talent has an eye on the talent of today and tomorrow. Our mission is to understand future workforce trends and ensure innovative talent acquisition and employment brand marketing that will future-proof growth. 

Talent Acquisition 

We are in the market every day engaging top talent suited to transforming and innovating organisations. In line with our mission "to stay ahead of the curve", we actively build our networks globally and talent intelligence to predict workforce trends, meet demand and ensure business continuity across the following portfolios: People & Culture, Customer & Communications, Innovation & Technology.

Brand Boost

We stay "ahead of the curve"​, actively building networks and talent intelligence to meet demand trends across the following segments. Using video narratives and story telling, we run multi-faceted digital campaigns, pushing exciting opportunities out to thousands within our network.

Finding Career Nirvana

We want you to live your dream and love your work. Helping you find career nirvana often comes down to basics like returning calls and taking the time to provide advice and market insights that will help you realise your growth potential. We value people, so call us for a career discussion.

"Once we rid ourselves of traditional thinking we can get on with creating the future"


Opportunities along the Talent Lifecycle




New world talent strategy development
Role architecture and structure design
Talent intelligence and demand planning
Employee value proposition creation




EVP video campaign marketing
Campaign driven talent acquisition
Real-time insights on employment brand
Engage top talent globally




Engage the top 10% across:
Customer & Communications
Innovation & Technology
People & Culture




Inspirational events & masterclass's
Optimising on-boarding experience
Behavioral profiling fit for future
Aligning customer and employee experience

The inside story

Get to know our Co-CEOs
Ainsley and Natalie

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